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Bluehost Features and Services

Any review of Bluehost Features & Services will almost always recommend blue host as the most efficient web hosting service provider for that cash strapped individual seeking comprehensive hosting solutions at a competitive price. is undoubtedly committed to offering excellent services to its many users. Bluehost web hosting is both criticized and praised for its ability to offer such a vast number of features on a single plan, depending on its long experience and professional support staff to provide powerful hosting systems.

Many a bluehost review will point to the firm’s solid history, the host provider coming into being in 1996 and hence backing up its pedigree and impressive reputation with quality service offered over a period of 15 years. Understanding blue host hosting begins with an appreciation of its reliability, this stemming from a 99% uptime, ensuring that their servers endure longer, run without failure, in turn ensuring consistency in your website’s operations. And between its ten gigabyte fiber lines and three data centers you are assured lightening fast speeds; and even outages due to maintenance and updates are minimized, reducing the overall impact of the failure. Back up power systems are also in place to counter any power failures that might occur. Basically you can trust blue host web hosting with the well being of your website. does get some flack for its single shared hosting plan, not everyone able to immediately appreciate the idea of not having to waste time comparing multiple hosting plans to locate the most efficient for your needs. There is an ease to the process of hosting with blue host’s single plan, especially for new web designers, in possession of bluehost features such as:

    Customer Support – You are looking at a stellar team of professionals, easily accessible via blue host’s ticketing, chat and phone systems, always available 24 hours seven days a week to provide quick resolutions to all manner of problems, usually displaying a comprehensive understanding of the subject in contending with users of all levels. Indeed if there was one thing that set blue host miles apart from any other hosting service, it would be its professional support system, compounded by online database systems for those seeking a quick yet none human fix to lighter problems.

    Cpanel – As a tool designed to make the process of management and administration easy, Blue host’s cPanel is quite simple and organized, making available one click installation processes for CMS scripts like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, though admittedly proving a little difficult to master for new comers. If you want to learn how to set up your WordPress blog or website on Bluehost hosting, follow this link to best free guide for beginners.

    Site Builder – With the site builder you are enabled to construct web sites within mere minutes, made possible via simplistic drag and drop tools alongside pre-designed templates, making tools like HTML and most other forms of coding unnecessary. And what happens when you fail to appreciate blue host and all it has offer? Well it is within your rights to back out of the agreement, your money promptly refunded, making this service virtually risk free. You cannot go wrong with blue host.

    Hostmonster and Hostgator are another brands from EIG, the promoters of Bluehost. You may read Hostgator review at A Hostmonster review and discount offers are also available on their website page.

Published: 25. 09. 2016